Miles is a manager at Seales Winslow in Morrinsville (they make stock food pellets).

They have workers in a noisy environment when the machinery is running. Miles was concerned about evacuating staff in the event of a fire. Normally I would install smoke detectors or heat detectors. Miles had a different requirement.

Because of the background noise created by the plant, he wanted a loud siren and a flashing light with panic buttons at the exit doors. Rather than just evacuate the staff they need to get lots of people quickly to the site of the fire before it spreads. A combined attack on the site of the fire will be much more effective from now on.

In fact I installed 3 horn speakers called Rural Blasters along with 3 red strobe lights and 3 panic buttons throughout the building. In an adjacent store room I put another alarm with 1 siren 1 strobe and 1 panic button.

After installation we tested the system. They were happy to find the sirens could be heard over 100 meters away at the main office.