Home Alarm

Bruce lives down the road from me. He built his home a couple of years ago. Bruce hates burglars with a vengeance.

As his house was going up I installed all the cables for his new burglar alarm. As soon as the power was available I put the basic alarm in place. Each evening as the builders left the building site they dutifully set the alarm then unset it each morning.

Lots of house building sites got robbed in the area (thieves stole their wiring), some more than once. Nothing ever went missing at Bruce’s place.

As things turned out, Bruce got a few extras. I put a set of Point to Point beams across the driveway. It is coupled to a little buzzer in the hall. When a car comes up the driveway the little buzzer sounds off for a few seconds. Bruce loves it. Well that’s what they said when I saw him today. (He also told his friends in Tauranga about the driveway beam set. I’m fitting one for them too.)
He also ordered a pair of remote controls for the alarm. They can set and unset the alarm from the comfort of the car.

There is also a function of the remote controls that allows him to set the garage only at night. It is called “Stay Arming”. It’s a big double garage with a couple of cars in it. There’s a ride-on mower and a meat freezer too.(oops, shouldn't have told you that)