Fire Protection

Fire Protection

A rampant fire can break out anywhere, from the back yard shed to a multistory building. It is always unexpected and often we are not prepared for it.

If you are asleep, and inhale smoke, it will put you into a deeper sleep. Many New Zealanders have died of smoke-inhalation before the fire started. Early detection of a fire could well save your life, and will certainly reduce the damage that a fire can create.

If your smoke detector and burglar alarm sound off at the first whiff of smoke, how much more likely are you to escape and save the lives of other family members?

"Smoke Detectors save lives" is not just a glib statement, it is a reality.

We can connect smoke detectors to your burglar alarm. They work 24/7 and most don't require replacement batteries. A monitored burglar alarm with smoke detectors attached is an asset to your home, office or workshop.

My home has three. What about yours?

Fire Protection